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Project Information provide 360-degree digital marketing services with their specialities being in Influencer Marketing, YouTube Management & Content Marketing. WithStartups’ carefully curated network of Influencers can give any brand a quick buzz or a long-term positioning. On the technological front, they have a large number of servers to host multiple websites, some running WordPress while many hardcoded.

Server management for digital marketing firm

The Challenge

  1. It is important to keep the site always running and safe from attacks. A study found that nearly 20 per cent of the 50 most popular plugins for the WordPress platform are vulnerable to common Web attacks. Worst, you may find yourself paying ransomware to hackers just to regain access to your website
  2. Granular policies were not  implemented and keys were not rotated on a regular basis
  3. Company’s policies to manage patches were not implemented properly
  4. Marketing automation and analytics servers were kept ON even when they were not being used

The Solution

  1. Advanced Server Management features like Lockdown and real-time CPU and Memory utilization provided people at WithStartups a comprehensive view of potential threats and one-click solution to fix it
  2. WithStatups used InfraGuard to implement their company’s policy by providing granular access to users.
  3. Auditing was done super fast as the data was segregated by-server and by-user.
  4. Process of key rotation was automated and never touched again
  5. Patch Management is done by a click of buttons which saved them time and it could be done by anyone
  6. Appropriate policies were implemented for Marketing automation and analytics servers to save cost. They needed to be ON for four hours a day.
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