Unified CloudServer Management

Scale your managed service operations

Patch Management

Build powerful patch workflows that can scan, install, and perform custom actions.

  • Patch Scanning

    Set policies that automatically scan servers for missing patches on a regular schedule.

  • Patch Installation

    Patches can be installed manually, or automatically by policies.

  • Execute Actions & Scripts

    Orchestrate complex patch workflows by having actions or scripts executed at any point in the lifecycle.

Privileged Access Management

Implement Zero Trust server access across your entire fleet of servers. Automate access to your servers throughout their lifecycle.

  • Ticket & Time Based Access

    Secure restricted servers by ensuring access is only obtained through keys that are tied to work tickets, and have a short TTL.

  • Rotate Or Expire Keys Instantly

    The InfraGuard admin pane provides the ability to instantly rotate or expire keys.

Server Administration

Complete routine server administration tasks through a single pane. Fix one, or dozens of servers with the click of a button.

  • Execute Scripts

    Execute scripts from an approved library of scripts.

  • Managed Applications

    Perform one-click application maintenance actions.

  • Manage Server Accounts

    Grant or revoke staff access to servers. All actions are securely logged.

Multi-Account Management

InfraGuard was designed for Managed Service Providers who managed many customers, and multiple projects for each. Easily replicate that account structure.

  • Create Multiple Sub-accounts

    One parent account can support multiple sub-accounts. Create a sub-account for every customer or internal team.

  • Account Projects

    Each sub-account can support multiple project containers. Group servers by tag and set management policies for them.

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