Simplify Your Server Operations

Manage all of your servers from one tool, no matter what cloud they're on.

Patch Management

Supercharge your patch management operations with powerful automation.

Privileged Access Management

Take complete control of who has access to cloud servers.

Audit & Compliance

Securely track and report on all server commands and operations.

Server Administration

Easily manage your server fleets through a single pane console.


Why InfraGuard?

The reasons to use InfraGuard are plenty. Here are some of the most common things our customers tell us.

  • Lower Operating Costs

    InfraGuard will increase the number of servers your employees can manage, without sacrificing quality of work.

  • Faster Incident Resolution

    InfraGuard provides "single pane" access to servers that allows your team to manage them remotely.

  • Scale to Greater Heights

    Your company will be able to manage more servers with less people. Automate all routine tasks and keep a lean workforce.

  • Improved Server Security

    InfraGuard makes it really easy to manage employee access to servers. Easily tie every server login to a work ticket, and track all server activity for audit and compliance reporting.

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