How cloud management tools are simplifying cloud operations

How cloud management tools are simplifying cloud operations

Cloud management is the responsibility of the administrator and how admins have control over everything that operates in the cloud. It can be users, data, applications, and services. There are many tools provided by cloud providers and third party tools to oversee all types of cloud activities such as user activities, deployment, data integration, backup, security and disaster recovery.

The cloud management tools provide administrator control over cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Management Tools

Cloud management requires tools to manage cloud operations. Every cloud provider provides their own tools to manage the cloud. These tools are mature and specialized in automation, orchestration, and monitoring. For example, AWS gives CLI to perform operations and run scripts on servers. Microsoft uses Azure Site Recovery to replicate VMs.

Cloud Management Component

Third-party vendors also offer their tools to manage public cloud platforms to support providers and native tools. Some of the tools are Kumolus, InfraGuard, RightScale.

What a cloud management platform should do

Integrate with existing IT
Cloud Management platform must be customized to your needs and meet your infrastructure requirements of OS, Storage and any other service needed in the environment.

Automate manual tasks
Automation should automate your manual repetitive activities and SOPs. Therefore automation is integral to the cloud platform and It plays vital roles in cloud management.

Visualize costs
A cloud management platform should provide accurate cost visibility and forecasting as we as the analysis report around the cloud cost.

Be accessible through the internet
Cloud management should be accessible to admins regardless of their physical location. So that he can access whenever needed.

Support multi-cloud environments
Most of the businesses are following multi-cloud strategies to avoid vendor lock-in. Cloud management tool should have the capability to manage all the cloud smoothly and securely.
Manage everything
The cloud management platform should maintain control over everything in the cloud environment such as a policy guide to access the resources, configuration, and capacity, etc.

Companies that lack skilled IT staff can seek help from third parties. Tools like Kumolus and InfraGuard can help in eliminating the skills gap and automating activities that MSPs do manually.