Infraguard is your Smart Bastion

InfraGuard is your Smart Bastion: A fully managed SaaS service solution, lets you access and manages your servers hosted on different cloud platforms.


Cloud is no more a buzz word now. Everywhere you turn “the cloud” is being talked about. There are many cloud players in the market to choose from. Most of the enterprises are following multi-cloud strategies to avoid vendor lock-in. Due to multi-cloud and heterogeneous architecture, our IT environment has become more complex and so is its manageability. In a cloud security report published by Cybersecurity in 2019, unauthorized access (42%) and insecure interfaces (42%) were among the biggest vulnerability to cloud security.

There are multiple tools provided by the native cloud providers and the third party tool which operates at the cloud layer and takes care of cloud management and its security. However, most of the businesses are applying the same traditional approach to manage the servers on the cloud as well as on-premise. But in a heterogeneous environment managing the servers and their security hosted in a different cloud environment has become a challenge now.

Currently, organizations are using a bastion host server to manage their servers hosted across different cloud platform and on-premise. A bastion host is a specialized computer that is deliberately exposed on a public network. it is the only node exposed to the outside world and is therefore very prone to attack. It is placed outside the firewall in single firewall systems or, if a system has two firewalls, it is often placed between the two firewalls or on the public side of a demilitarized zone (DMZ).

What is needed is a cloud-based SaaS system that can control manages the servers by enhancing its security aspects and automating repetitive tasks. In the solution, we propose a solution that can address the above challenges and improve IT team efficiency by automating daily tasks.


Having moved to multi-cloud heterogeneous model, but enterprises are still using the same traditional approach to access the servers hosted on the different cloud platform. Managing these servers and performing activities like Key Management, Patch management, giving control access to the servers, and automating daily tasks etc inside the server has become cumbersome and time-consuming and thereby increased in maintenance cost. The solution which we are proposing is not only acting as a bastion but also empowering the team to perform multiple tasks with just a few clicks by enhancing security and automation which are being performed manually currently.

Solution: Infraguard is your Smart Bastion

Connect and manage your EC2, Virtual Machine & On-premise servers with our fully managed bastion. Infraguard is your Smart Bastion does not only gives you controlled access to
server console but also gets you rid of most of your repetitive tasks.

Smart Bastion Bot Capability

Controlled Server Access

Infraguard is your Smart Bastion gives you the privilege to limit access to the servers through its user management policy. Depending on the requirement users can be assigned the role of Admin, Contributor, and Reader, etc.

User Audit

User activities logs are stored by the Bastion wherein whatever activities performed by the users on the server or in the Infraguard is your Smart Bastion are stored which can be hemp businesses remain organized and also helps when dealing with unforeseen circumstances, including security violations, performance problems, and system flaws.

Patch Management

Patching is the process of repairing system vulnerabilities that are discovered after the infrastructure components have been released on the market. With the Bastion you create policy once, attach it to your desired servers and relax. InfraGuard will make sure your servers are scanned and updated at set intervals.Only Scan and Both Scan & Install options are available.

You can filter which category of patches to be installed for Windows and Linux. InfraGuard shoots an email with a detailed report every time a server is scanned or patches are installed. If a reboot is required after patch installation, it will happen automatically. No human intervention required.

Key Management

Expired or unauthorized keys (SSH/RDP Credentials) are a huge cause of enterprise security vulnerabilities. Our Bastion policy page allows you to not only choose the interval of key rotation (new key created & old one expired), it also allows you to choose the designated receiver of each new key.
For any policy for key rotation, the user can decide the number of days after which keys will be rotated. For each server user, a newly generated key can be sent to the email address of your choice.
Created policies can be assigned to any number of servers.
Easy manual and scheduled key rotations that help security officers take control of the system

Avoid Exposing SSH & RDP over the public Internet

Our Bastion communicating over SSL, port 443. It needs an only outbound connection to communicate with our Bastion dashboard and there is no requirement of SSH/RDP client to establish connectivity with the server.

Run Saved Script

Running script with this has become easy. You write the script and store it inside the bastion. The saved script can be on a single or on the group of servers with the single click of a button.

Server Management

Our Bastion is an Operating System and cloud platform agnostic. You can perform any server action from our dashboard without need of SSH/RDP credentials (Running commands, setting up automation) while managing control & audit access to your servers.

App Management

Infraguard is your Smart Bastion can perform the most common operations like app service start/stop/reboot and cache flush with just a click of a button. You do not need to remember the command or script every time you perform these tasks on the servers.


We started by showing that what are the current challenges in managing servers after moving to the cloud and how these challenges are being tackled currently by various organizations to overcome. Then we proposed SaaS-based solution (Infraguard is your Smart Bastion) which can change the way we are currently managing the servers and performing other repetitive tasks and thereby increased team efficiency, enhancement in security, less time requirement, and hence less maintenance cost.