Cloud Computing: Are you prepared for these new set of challenges?

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Cloud Computing: Are you prepared for these new set of challenges?

Cloud Computing: Are you prepared for these new set of challenges?

It has been more than a decade since the public cloud is operating successfully. It has disrupted the way the IT industry used to function. Our cloud strategies continue to mature, IT team will face a new set of challenges ranging from cost governance to management of complex, heterogeneous architectures and infrastructures.

For years, in many cloud surveys cloud security, compliances, skilled resources and cloud spends are among the top challenges of the businesses. But with increased adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid environment. A new set of challenges has hit businesses.

Let us look at these challenges which the IT team has encountered or going to encounter soon.

Data Integration

Data Integration requires a considerable amount of effort and specialized skill set which is often pushed aside. Businesses are not yet able to understand how to move massive data efficiently from on-premise to cloud or share the data with cloud-native database.

To address these challenges businesses will have to adopt data integration tools which can help in data integration or in moving data to the cloud. But effort and cost required for the integration cannot be underestimated.

Cost governance & management

Cost reduction is one of the benefits of the cloud and it also the most common reason businesses move to the cloud. But they end up paying even higher compared to what they used to pay on-premises. This happens because while planning, cloud users overlook factors like data out, data write, network costs and so on. Also with a complex hybrid architecture, it has become quite difficult for the IT team to track brownfield and optimization areas.

To tackle these challenges businesses will look forward to cloud management tools which can help in cost management, Infrastructure management, server & application management, and governance such as InfraGuard & Kumolus. Such tools also provide recommendations on how to reduce costs, such as resizing instances or tapping into a provider discount through options such as AWS Reserved Instances

Added Complexity

Businesses continue to adopt cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies which are making the management of data, application and IT process more complex. It is not only hampering the IT staffs ability but business operation are also getting hampered at the time of an incident as it is taking comparatively longer time to restore services to normal. Heterogeneous architectures that span multiple clouds and on-premises platforms pose management challenges that, in some cases, result in errors that lead to outages, breaches and a loss of control over service delivery to end-users and the business

To address this situation businesses need to invest in developing process and technology that can bring some stability. Tools which has the capability of Cloud Management Platform such as InfraGuard & Kumolus can help.