Policy Based Patch Management

Your infrastructure is only as secure as the latest updates. Every year hundreds of critical patches are released at Operating System and Application level. Patching is vital, but with InfraGuard patch management can be automated and straightforward.

Update management at a button click

Scan, download, share and install patches for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Optionally create backup images  before server changes.

Update management by a click of a button
Schedule active time of your servers

Schedule Patch Management

With InfraGuard, you can create granular server-level policies that automate your patch management. Set once, and your patching will run at scheduled times and intervals.

Enhanced security by Priveleged Access Management

With InfraGuard, you will no longer be worried about the management of your SSH/RDP credentials. A secure and audited dashboard regulates all access at a personnel level.

Complete control over key management/ rotation

Patching. Access Management. Script Automation

Simple Server Management
Simple Server Management

All the tools you need

Infraguard works across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. You can setup custom user policies, automate and execute scripts and customize it for specific applications.

Server Management

InfraGuard is OS and cloud platform agnostic. You can perform any server action from our dashboard without need of SSH/RDP credentials + control & audit access to your servers.

User Management

Segment your company into roles. Create, audit, lock, assign policies to InfraGuard users based on their role

Patch Management

Patch management by a click of a button. Perform any action like Scan, download, share, install, check history, Create images, etc

Key Management

Complete control over key management/ rotation. Perform & schedule any SOP like Add/delete server user, rotate key/password and let InfraGuard do the heavy lifting

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